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London. Фотоальбом, 978-5-98797-056-0 (топ 1000), фото 2
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В альбом вошли фотографии Лондона, сделанные Ксенией Макбелл. When I moved to London back in 2007, I felt, for a while, rather lost and disorientated. As any megalopolis, London, at first, proves truly overwhelming: it deafens with a cacophony of sounds and noises, blinds with a kaleidoscopic variety of faces, signs and buildings, and sucks you into a whirlpool of countless impressions leaving one without time for reflection or quiet observation. However, after this initial period of bedazzlement, I began to pause and pay more attention to what is commonly denoted as everyday life. What I discovered was a parallel world full of mysterious characters, incipient storylines, hidden narratives and wonders-something like a huge garden of forking paths. I have come to accept and enjoy this city by transforming it into an open-ended book that offers many riddles and puzzles that provoke and challenge the reader's imagination. Xenia Mcbell Подробную информацию смотрите на http://books.moda/221991.html
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ЖанрГорода. Страны
АвторXenia Mcbell
ТематикаГорода. Страны
Количество страниц128
Формат147x105x15 мм
Вид изданиямассовое
Язык изданияАнглийский
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